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Create a realistic compensation plan consistent with the talent growth and retention strategy of your company, including revised job descriptions, variable rewards and salaries based on current information from the industry.

Employee Compensation Plans


Reduce risk for your firm by making sure your process management of your team members are in compliance with flexible federal, state, and local regulations.

HR Compliance Consultant


Choose from easy solutions that suit your sector and community, ensure the policies meet the regulatory requirements and business processes to reduce employer risk.

Employee Policies


HR does not need to be demanding. Unload HR's burden to Fajardo And Associates ' experienced professionals and open up your workforce for your business development.

HR Outsourcing Services

Human Resources Consultant

Every Business is unique and we completely understand that. Our experienced team has a deep knowledge and experience of all types of businesses and the varying requirements of these industries. If you need to meet compliance issues in your industry we can get you their. Perhaps, you want to build a reputation of being a cutting edge place for people to work, we can get you there. We also, do the core HR functions like payroll, benefits and HR managment. We will build systems and policies that are uniqic to your needs.


The employee handbook manuals are carefully designed to incorporate good practice for HR, to represent the business environment and to ensure that established company policies and procedures comply with employment legislation. Employees ' manuals conform with employment law.

With Fajardo and Associates, you can customize the package of services you receive from us.


The human capital is the biggest resource an organization can ever have and this is what makes it stand out from other competitors. In most situations, it is the best investment an organization can ever make. Fajardo and Associate Talent Management and Development Services analyzes the numerous areas that are responsible for profiting from the investment of your team.

Talent Management


Fajardo and Associate's assist our customers in the direction they intend to pursue. They assist our clients to develop into the companies they want to become, whether they are practicing the human resources discipline, handling several employees, better customer service or taking advantage of a senior team.

Training Development

Why recruit an HR adviser?

Small and medium-sized companies lack the time to perform HR daily tasks. If there is no human resource experience, then a human resources consultant can easily handle the constantly needed HR tasks.

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