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Fajardo and Associates: IRS Tax Problems

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At Fajardo and Associates, we are able to help you help our clients with a variety of common tax problems. There is no need to flock to well-advertised companies that are more likely to take too much of your money and provide minimal services. Our company is here to help you receive professional and affordable assistance with your taxes. Some common issues that we are able to work with you to resolve include the following:

Threatening Letters

If you are uncertain about evaluating the meaning behind an IRS letter, you can always take it to Fajardo and Associates in order to see what action needs to be taken. When the IRS sends a letter, it is important to act instantly, as the consequences that can follow can be rather serious. Owing the IRS money never puts you in a good position.

Wage Garnishment

When it comes to the money taken out of an employee’s compensation, it is important to pay mind to unpaid IRS taxes. These IRS axes are known as IRS wage garnishments. The IRS is rather attentive and forceful about wage garnishment and turn to levying when necessary, as they often have provided continuous notifications regarding the unresolved tax dilemmas. At Fajardo and Associates, we can help you to understand wage garnishment in order to avoid having to deal with the IRS in order to avoid running into any taxing issues. By understanding garnishment, you can ensure that nothing beyond what is necessary is paid to the IRS, thus keeping you with the money you deserve.

Bank Levy

In order to balance out the money owed in taxes, there is a right for the IRS to have your property seized. The money in your bank account and your vehicles also subject to seizure in order to pay back money owed through taxes. In order to avoid this, Fajardo and Associates is available to ensure that all taxes are paid up.


If you forget to file your taxes, it is important to take action right away. By waiting to file, you risk having to pay far higher taxes than would have been necessary in the first place. In order to avoid this, you can bring in your taxes to be worked on to help avoid paying the IRS any more than what is owed.

IRS Seizures

If there unpaid debts to the IRS, there is a right to place a lien on your property In order to obtain the funds of the unpaid amount. The IRS is able to seize what you thought was rightfully yours.

Innocent Spouse

To ensure that you are in the right regarding the penalty with unpaid elements of joint taxes, at Fajardo and Associates we are able to carefully analyze what is necessary and what spouse is responsible for the unpaid taxes.


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